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In woman's lifetime breasts changes in many ways and in many times. The role of breasts is different for different purpose. Sometimes the breasts may nourish your children, sometimes it may be a part of your identity and sometimes it may be a source of sexual pleasure. It is necessary to have proper knowledge to every woman that what steps they must take to promote their good breast health.
Usually different woman have different shapes and size of breasts. They have variety of tissue which changes with increase in your age. The look of the breasts also changes with the change in age. Even the look of the left breast differs from the look of the right. It is also possible that one breast may grow larger and faster than other. The look of the breasts also depend upon your menstrual cycle, menopause, breastfeeding, pregnancy and also aging.

  • Some of the important steps to keep your breast healthy
It is very necessary to improve your lifestyle and also the general health as these steps will be beneficial for your breasts. Many people suffer due to improper food habits and improper life style. It has direct impact on the look of the breasts.
1. You must be active and must do exercise regularly. Exercise keeps your body as well as breasts healthy.
2. You must eat at least 5 servings of orange, dark green, red vegetables and fruits daily.
3. You must not smoke as smoking has a direct impact on our health and also the breasts.
4. It is advisable that you must drink alcohol in limited quantity.
5. You must increase the intake of variety of low fat, whole grain foods and also high fiber.
6. You should wash your fruits and vegetables or may buy organic produce in order to reduce your exposure to potentially toxic chemicals.
7. Limit the intake of caffeine which you drink or eat like chocolate, tea, coffee, cola and also some other soft drinks. These drinks and the eating commodity contains relatively high amount of caffeine.
8. You must eat daily the foods which are high in phytoestrogens like lentils and grains, soy etc. as these foods are also related with prevention from breast cancer according to some studies.
  • Instead of all these factors you must also concentrate
1. You must also put on the bra which is comfortable and must be loose-fitting bras.
2. You must learn to examine your own breasts.

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